About Us

E-Z Pharmacy is a full line pharmacy situated in the beautiful state of Pennsylvania. Serving residents for a long time already, we have gained enough momentum to say that we have what it takes to be your credible partner for life.

E-Z Pharmacy has only your best interest at heart! We have a long line of services to offer that will surely be of great assistance to you. From customized medications to over-the-counter ones, we got them all in one location. Our drugs are all FDA approved and checked for quality over and over to ensure your recovery and optimum health.

Our staff are every ready to greet you with their smiles once you come in into our facility. Armed with customer service skills, they will get your over-the-counter orders delivered in just a few minutes – prompt and accurate – those are the best way to describe our services.

As for our compounding services, we perform them in our highly controlled, sterilized and state-of-the-art compounding laboratory. Our compounding technicians and pharmacists are all fully equipped in terms of knowledge and skills to precisely deliver your prescription compounded medications.

Giving you full regard for your rights as a private person, we are a pharmacy whose reputation matches any of our clients. We know just how important it is to you to have your personal information properly kept, and we promise you utmost confidentiality.

If you have questions about us and our services, kindly contact us at 215-728-6300. Our team of pharmacists and experts will be more than glad to fill in all the answers to your queries.