Compounding is as old as the science of pharmacy itself. Created for the benefit of those who need to take medications not found on the shelves, E-Z Pharmacy has mastered the art of compounding by combining expertise and technology.

Compounding allows for the creation of customized medications usually needed by clients who:

  • Are allergic to certain drug components
  • Prefer another dosage form over another due to physical difficulties (GI discomforts, etc.)
  • Like coloring and flavoring for their medications (typically pediatric patients)
  • Are ordered by their physician to take compounded medications, and so on!

Rest your thought over the expertise of our compounding technicians. They continuously upgrade what they know by attending symposiums, trainings and seminars. Plus, they work in our stupendously featured in-facility compounding laboratories.

If you have questions about our compounding services, kindly contact us at 215-728-6300. Our team of pharmacists will gladly provide you the information you need.